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Introducing BioSwim Artificial Lakes & Residential Water Parks

If your guests or your community are tiered of heavily chlorinated odor smell, red and burning irritated eyes, dried out skin and damaged hair, perhaps it is time for the natural change!

Nothing is as refreshing as taking a swim in a chemical free natural water. Enjoying the stress relief, tranquility, privacy.

Instead of a chemically treated pool, picture the luxury of a pristine, naturally purified swimming pool. A pool with water that’s as safe and pure as Mother Nature can make it thanks to filtration and purification handled by BioSwim innovative technology. 

A nature pool works on ecological principles and makes use of the biological self-cleaning power of natural lakes and rivers. A system of this Local authoritye is basically divided into two zones - the usage area and the purification area (regeneration pond). These zones are also separated on construction terms, because this "2-pot building method" guarantees optimum water purification. The usage area covers all the areas of water that can be entered by the visitors. This is the place for swimming, sunbathing, playing and having fun. The regeneration zone covers all the areas that are used for water purification and is closed to the public. Here, nature works hard on transforming used bathing water back into crystal-clear spring water. The water flows freely through the system by gravity and is then conveyed from the lowest point, using pumps, back to the inlet points, thus creating an enclosed circulation of water.

Natural Swimming Pools are widely used and enjoyed throughout Western Europe, North America and Australia where conservation, ecology and sustainability are an inherent part of the culture. With more than 30,000 Natural Swimming Pool installations currently in use, it’s clear that Europeans and Americans are way ahead of the natural curve, embracing the notion of natural swimming pools. Now you no longer have to dream or imagine mountain lakes or natural creeks. With BioSwim, you can make Mother Nature’s swimming pool your own – it’s virtually like having a small mountain lake in your backyard.

BioSwim pools are cleaned the way nature cleans…through the biological regeneration, selecting natural plants rooted hydroponically in a special gravel substrate, and augmented by European designed energy-efficient pumps and biological filters for the ultimate natural swimming experience.

Unlimited Design & Size Options

Whether you prefer a classically formal public pool, a naturally integrated rock-rimmed lake or even wish to transform your existing chemically treated in-ground water park into a Natural Swimming Pool, we can accommodate you. Each of our installations are custom designed to complement your property, municipality or your business.

Customized Swimming Solutions for Your Specific Region

Each BioSwim system is adjusted  to the region and climate where it’s installed. Your individual natural swimming pool will be expressly designed and custom fitted with the appropriate biological filter and just the right combination of plants best suited to your specific area. Natural Pools have been installed from the hot, tropical climes to the cooler regions of Austrian and Swiss Alps or even nordic climates of Sweden. BioSwim designs, just like Mother Nature, will work in every normally habitable climate zone.

How Does Filtration Technology Work?

System is the biological treatment pond, consisting of a lined overflow pool filled with specific filtration substrate and flora. Plants used for water regeneration can be supplemented with decorative flowering species to create a lush green environment. Microbes, microorganisms and the water plants ensure effective, continuous cleaning. In addition, the filtration technology employs relies on a combination of hydraulic design techniques in conjunction with the BioNova fine filter. Materials such as leaves, pollen, dust or suntan lotion commonly found floating on the water’s surface are removed by a BioNova skimmer or overflow channel. These BioNova designed devices allow optimal skimming of the water surface and reduce silting. In the downstream, the BioNova bioreactor biological filter removes and retains additional particulate matter down to a particle size of 100 microns. BioNova pumps hydraulically optimize water flow rates and volumes, thereby accelerating the cleaning process even further. This combination of mechanically enhanced natural filtration ensures that you’ll enjoy natural, clear water.

Principle of Filtration

Below is an example of a single chamber pool. Although BioSwim special filtration designs far exceed this simple example, one can appreciate how the basic filtration and cleaning of the water is accomplished from the drawing below.

Regeneration Zone: The water exits the bathing area by natural overflow and enters the regeneration zone. In this planted zone, microbes and plants rooted in the substrate filter help to clean the water.

Skimming: The overflow skimmer catches leaves and other floating debris. Easy to clean, this non-entrapment skimmer is safe for children and small animals.

Biological Filter: The biological fine filter removes small particles from the water. BioNova natural pools always use a special BioNova fine particle filter to help keep the water cleaner.

Pump: The energy-efficient BioNova pump draws the water through the fine filter and returns it to the pool. BioNova natural pools consume far less energy than traditional chemical pools.

Heating Pump: The energy-efficient heating solutions specifically designed for your climate and temperature change. Decades of proven efficiency designed for your desires and your swimming pond / pool.

Important Construction Note:

BioSwim is an official regional representative of world’s leading organization BioNova. All BioNova representatives undergo extensive training in the patented processes pioneered at the BioNova headquarters in Germany.

Before choosing your construction provider make sure they can demonstrate proficiency in:
• Design Elements
• Technology
• Biology
• Limnology
• Construction Techniques
• Hydraulics
• Bioreactors and Filtration Systems
• Mechanical Cleaning Devices

This is your assurance that your Natural Swimming Pool is constructed and serviced by only the best trained, dedicated and knowledgeable contractors.

Every BioSwim Natural Swimming Pool is given a BioNova Certificate of Authenticity upon completion. This means that your Natural Swimming Pool has been built to BioNova’s high standards, affording you peace of mind while adding value to your home.


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BioSwim: Exclusive Representative of BioNova Group in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland.



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